LPC Community of Faith Helping Hands

CLICK A BOX! The current corona virus crisis is but the latest challenge thrust upon us to victoriously live out our witness in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Even while observing precautions, Christians are resisting the temptation to close their eyes to the needs around us. 

Many of you have contacted us, expressing your desire to volunteer your time, talents, and treasures to help others in our church family and the community. Your love for God and His people is inspiring! The unity and joy we sense as we follow the leading of the Holy Spirit through these turbulent times speaks to the peace of God that surpasses human understanding. The creativity you express as we all adapt to the changing dynamics testifies to God’s good work in you.

To link willing helpers with those in need, we would like to ask that you complete the following questionnaire as soon as possible, if applicable. We will then create a resource list for our Deacon Ministry Team Leaders to access.  If you have specific needs, we are including the email address for the LPC Deacon who can address your concern.   In the Love of God,     -  Rev. Randy Fannin (Director of Pastoral Care)