(Infants and Toddlers)

Embrace kids with the love of Jesus

Worship & Embrace – At LPC, we welcome children of all ages in corporate worship. We strive to provide a range of options so that parents with very young children can worship in a way that suits their needs. This includes using our church nursery, keeping your children with you in worship, or staying in our Family Room for part or all of worship.

Nursery – Our nursery is staffed with loving caregivers who actively engage with the children and introduce them to worship. The room is equipped a live worship feed to encourage children to listen and observe, sing and pray, and still move about freely and explore.

Family Room – Our family room is also equipped with a live worship feed so that you rock, nurse, or change your child while you listen and watch. There is space for restless crawlers and walkers to move around.

Embrace Sunday School – During the Sunday school hour, our infants and toddlers enjoy an age-appropriate lesson including simple crafts and other play-based activities.



Help kids explore God’s Word, the world He made, and their place in it

Worship & Explore – At LPC, we welcome children of all ages in corporate worship. We offer worship bags with activity pages and a sermon note worksheet as well as special worship elements to help our Explorers feel that they belong and are welcome.

Explore Sunday School – During Sunday school, our Explorers enjoy an age-appropriate Bible lesson including a brief animated video illustrating the scripture for the day, curriculum worksheets, crafts, and play-based activities. We have a Zoom Sunday School option available for younger children, which meets on Wednesdays from 7 – 7:30 p.m. Please contact Tracy Untener at for Zoom options.

Explore Wednesdays – During the fall and winter sessions of Wednesday Nights Together, Explorers can enjoy worship time as well as fun and exciting Bible lessons, crafts, and games.


(Grades 1-4)

Nurture the natural excitement kids have for God at this stage and help it grow

Worship & Excite – At LPC, we welcome children of all ages in corporate worship. Younger EXCITE Kids may still enjoy a worship bag but as they grow they will take on a more active role in worship. They will begin reading along with the prayers and scripture. They will also gradually be ready to help lead prayers and other elements of worship. We strive to foster their natural desire to be included and share their faith in this way.

Excite Sunday School – In Sunday School, EXCITE Kids will grow in their ability to delve into scripture while still enjoying crafts and games as part of their lessons.

Communion Class – We also offer an annual course on Communion during the winter for EXCITE kids who are in 2nd grade or older. It meets during the Sunday school hour for four or five weeks and culminates in the kids affirming their faith and their desire to take part in Holy Communion during a special worship service.


(Grades 5-6)

Help kids engage their faith in their lives, serving others and sharing God’s love

Worship & Engage – At LPC, we welcome children of all ages in corporate worship. ENGAGE kids are growing as active worshippers, and we strive to help them engage with every part of worship. We encourage them to take on more substantial roles in worship, including customized opportunities for those with special interests or abilities.

Engage Sunday School – ENGAGE kids dig deep into the Bible during Sunday school. They will spend more time on reading, discussion, application, games and other hands on activities. They are currently studying the tough questions pre-teens ask or wonder about. If your child is in 4th – 6th grade and would like to join us live via Zoom for Sunday school each week, please contact Tracy Untener at for Zoom options.