Adult WNT Classes

Loving People to Christ

That we might love our neighbors and share the love of Christ with others, the class will give us tools to cultivate a spirit of evangelism at LPC. Presenters are Joe McKenzie, John/Fran Morris, James Martin, Karen Kilpatrick, Terri Catanzaro, Jim/Trish Garrett.

You are invited to sign-up at the Information Table for the WNT class Loving People to Christ. The class starts Jan. 10 and will meet in Community Room (Room 102) at 6:25 p.m. The class will be live streamed. Call the church office at 513-932-2751 for further assistance.

Crazy Love

Crazy Love challenges us to pursue the relentless, all-powerful love of God.  We will engage in honest self-examination, considering how to respond to that love with a selfless, Christlike life. Led by Nina Dorsch.

Christianity in America

Our video teaching series on Christianity in America led by Dr. Stephen Nichols will survey the history of Christianity in America beginning with the Puritans. We’ll discuss the First and Second Great Awakenings, the rise of liberalism, fundamentalism and evangelicalism. With the thought that a clearer understanding of our past will aid steering a proper course for the future, we can learn from the tragedies and triumphs of those who have gone before, we can be better prepared to be faithful disciples. Led by Steve Newby.

The Marriage School

The Marriage School offers The Third Option, a 14-week relationship skills course that helps couples build stronger, healthier marriages. This course is for healthy couples who want to grow stronger, committed couples who suffer from conflict or miscommunication, and couples who are in crisis.  The class includes discussion, teaching and testimony.  Led by Daniel and Rachel Sachs. Enrollment for the Marriage School is online at


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