Pastoral Care


With a focus on attending to the practical needs of the local Body of Christ “The Church.”

Deacon Ministries

Blood Drive Team

In cooperation with the Dayton Blood Center, six blood drives per year are held in the Ark, staffed by Deacon leadership and volunteers.

Card Ministry Team

Send notes and cards to members of the LPC Family in times of illness and grief. Provide support and encouragement to members and friends of the LPC Family who are attending college away from home or who are currently serving in the military.

Feed My People Ministry Team

Wednesday Nights Together meals. Fall and Winter.

Frequent Meals

Provide meals as needed to LPC members following surgery, hospitalization, births, or other special circumstances.

Memorial Reception Meals Team

Members arrange either a reception or provide a meat tray for LPC family members who have lost a spouse, parent, sibling, or child.

Grief Support Group Team

Team members visit, call, and send notes of encouragement to members of our church family who have lost loved ones in the last year. They also assist in the planning our annual Memorial Service, and our A Time to Grieve Support Group Program and Not Just Surviving the Holidays event.

Hands-on and Transportation

Provide assistance to LPC members with minor household chores, i.e., raking leaves, cleaning gutters, packing and small moves, etc. Provide planned and emergency transportation for LPC members as needed. Our Senior Saints Shuttle ministry encourages members of LPC to provide rides for members who can no longer drive to five church related functions each year: Ash Wednesday Potluck, Easter Sunday Services, Church Picnic, Fall WNT Cookout, and Christmas Eve Services.

Home-Bound Visitation

Visitation Team assists the pastors in making monthly in-person contact with select members of the congregation and introductory visits to visitors to LPC. Welcome Team Visit attenders new to LPC.

Financial Aid Team

Provides emergency financial assistance to needy families in our community. Staffed by volunteers Mondays from 1-2 p.m.

Prayer Ministry Team

Assists the Director of Pastoral Care to ensure that LPC is a praying church. Team members lead prayer groups and special prayer events, help organize the weekly worship prayer teams and other group prayer gatherings, commit to praying for sensitive prayer requests, and provide updates to the Weekly congregational prayer list.