Weekly Prayer Meetings 6 p.m.:

1/14   |   1/21   |   1/28   |   2/4   |   2/11 (4 p.m.)

Daily Prayer Guide:

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Prayer Resources:

How Do I Pray?

His Faithfulness, Our History 

Prayer Walking Guide

Fasting Guide

Pray Where You Are 24 hr Vigil

2/17 8:30 a.m. – 2/18 8:30 a.m.

A “Season of Seeking”

In the spirit of unity and devotion, we are excited to embark on a special journey together—a “Season of Seeking.” As we navigate this time of pastoral transition, we believe in the power of prayer and must lean into it to guide and shape our path.


Daily Prayer Guide:

Beginning January 14 and continuing through February 17, we invite each member, family, and ministry group to engage in a daily prayer guide. Tailored for individuals and families alike, these prompts will lead us into a deeper connection with God and each other.


Weekly Sunday Night Prayer Meetings:

Join us every Sunday night as we gather for corporate prayer. Together, we’ll lift our voices and hearts, praying through the weekly prompts and seeking God’s wisdom, guidance, and presence.

Prayer Walking:

On a designated day, we encourage you to join us for a prayer walk around our church grounds, campus, and buildings. Let’s physically and spiritually encircle our place of worship, praying for God’s presence to permeate every corner.


Daytime Fasting Guide:

In addition to prayer, we invite you to participate in daytime fasting during this season. Our fasting guide will provide insights and scriptures to accompany you on this journey of seeking God’s face through intentional sacrifice.


Pray Where You Are – Prayer Vigil – Saturday, February 17, 8:30 am, to Sunday, February 18, 8:30 am:

Mark your calendars for a special Prayer Vigil! A continuous 24-hour period of prayer, starting on Saturday at 8:30 am and concluding on Sunday at 8:30 am. Sign up for a half-hour slots as we cover our church, the pastoral transition, and our community in prayer.


Why This “Season of Seeking”?

In times of transition, we turn to the One who remains steadfast. We believe that as we seek God together, our hearts will align with His purposes for our church. Through prayer, fasting, and unity, we anticipate a season of divine guidance, renewed passion, and strengthened community bonds.

As we join hands in this “Season of Seeking,” may our prayers rise like incense before the throne of God, and may our church continue to be a beacon of His love in our community.